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Brand: La Pearl by Black Pearl

Product Code: 7290017990460

Advanced scientific formula of La Pearl capsules with vitamin C it is enriched with active ingredients, vitamin C and oils essential. Vitamin C helps improve collagen levels of the skin and neutralizes free radicals to prevent skin damage. The capsules help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance stains.

Instructions for use:

Apply the contents of the capsules on clean skin by fine circular motions until absorbed fill. It can be used on the neck and décolleté.

Brand The innovative BLACK PEARL line is based on a unique, revolutionary complex that helps maintain healthy skin functions, while preventing the signs of aging. This unique complex contains Black Pearl powder, composed of 18 amino acids as well as zinc, selenium, titanium and protein. This nourishing powder regenerates and moisturizes the skin, helping to eliminate toxins and imperfections. Applying the powder on the face gives the skin instant glow and suppleness. Dead Sea minerals are also a vital component of the BLACK PEARL complex. These minerals, including magnesium, calcium, bromine, zinc, iron, sulfur and strontium, have been well-known for thousands of years for their healing properties and have been shown to effectively slow down the aging process, reduce wrinkles and increase hydration. skin. These minerals are vital for maintaining the normal activity of skin cells and for rejuvenation processes, giving the skin a vibrant, healthy look. The BLACK PEARL line gives your skin the best solutions for counteracting the signs of aging. Each product promotes cell rejuvenation and improves skin flexibility, nourishing it in the most effective ways. After using BLACK PEARL products, your skin will be fresher, radiant, smooth, with a flawless appearance.
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